Marketing Working Group


The Marketing Working Group ensures that the strategy of the Industrial Internet Consortium is carried out, by driving awareness and creating content around Industrial Internet innovation.

Among the prioritized activities are communicating progress and successes of the Consortium and its members.

Please join us in the public conversations around the Industrial Internet and the Industrial Internet Consortium via our social media channels.




Co-Chaired by:

Task Groups

This Working Group oversees the work of several smaller teams which are collectively working on focused deliverables, including:

The Academic Task Group facilitates collaboration with, and the participation of, academic & research institutions globally; geared towards building reciprocal relationships and advancing education, training and fundamental research with accredited academic institutions. Co-Chairs: Lynne Canavan, Real-Time Innovations; Vijay Raghunathan, Purdue University; Sudhanshu Mittal, NASSCOM

The Marketing-Security Task Group is a collaborative intersection between the Marketing and Security Working Groups collaborating to address marketing deliverables associated with Security in the IIoT. Co-Chairs: Kathy Walsh, Industrial Internet Consortium; Jesus Molina, Waterfall Security; Sven Schrecker, Security WG Chair; Daniela Previtali, Wibu-Systems

The Resource Hub Task Group oversees the content and direction of the Resource Hub.
Kathy Walsh, Industrial Internet Consortium

The Thought Leadership Task Group oversees the Journal of Innovation and other avenues to promote the thought leading activities of members. Co-Chairs: Edy Liongosari, Accenture Labs; Mark Crawford, SAP SE



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