Industry Working Group


The Industry Working Group engages industry leaders and technology users to understand their IIoT needs and facilitate digital transformation in their businesses. To meet this goal the Industry Working Group:

  1. Establishes and facilitates Industry Leadership Councils to identify industry needs,
  2. Engages specific technology end-users in several verticals and sectors,
  3. Connects IIC activity and digital transformation enablers to support industry end-user needs across different market sectors and use cases, and
  4. Solicits and filters proposed proofs-of-concept, testbeds, test drives and challenges for new technology and business model development.

Staff Chair: Howard Kradjel/Industrial Internet Consortium

The Automotive and Industrial OTA Task Group promotes Over the Air (OTA) update and related technologies to end users in the Automotive, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and IoT industries. The task group identifies and develops use cases, testbeds, test drives, and best practices that guide the application of OTA and related communication and digital transformation enabling technologies in support of the use cases. Co-chairs: Yuming Ge, China Academy of Information & Communications Technology; Dirar Hakeem, AASA, Inc.

The Energy Task Group identifies and establishes the technology, testbeds, security and frameworks necessary to the establishment of standards and technology specifications leading to wide-spread adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things in the energy sector. Co-chairs: Eddie Lee, Moxa

The Healthcare Task Group identifies and establishes technology, testbeds, security and frameworks leading to wide-spread adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things in the healthcare industry and, in particular, to providing safer and more efficient patient care. Co-Chairs: Erin Bournival,Dell Technologies; Takao Futagami, Shinshu University; Jiahua (Adam) Kou, China Academy of Information & Communications Technology

The Mining Task Group works with mining operators and mining equipment manufacturers to leverage IIoT to optimize business operations and identify new business opportunities. Co-Chairs: Ulrich Graf, Huawei; Wadih Elie Tannous, AASA, Inc.; Jean-Jacques Verhaeghe, Mandela Mining Precinct

The Smart Factory Task Group brings together manufacturers, software and hardware solution vendors, service providers and research organizations to provide insight into new Industrial Internet solutions for smart manufacturing, help generate operational efficiencies and develop business model innovations. Co-chairs: ;Farid Bichareh, AASA, Inc.

The Testbed Council Task Group motivates and oversees the creation, execution and successful completion of testbed and test drive solutions that meet industry user needs. Co-chairs: Mitch Tseng, Tseng Infoserv; Vijay Ujjain, PricewaterhouseCoopers