Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

Major technology developments are emerging in every industry sector. The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) - comprised of experts developing and delivering innovative solutions across all sectors - is establishing Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to meet the following goals:

  • Create customer-validated requirements for the development of holistic solutions for industry
  • Initiate technical validation projects for these requirements
  • Initiate new industry standards to help harmonize the technology landscape
  • Provide an efficient platform for vendors, suppliers and industry organizations to jointly shape the future of Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions

Benefits of Participating

The Industrial Internet Consortium is very experienced in leading groups with similar goals, seeking innovative solutions to challenges and opportunities driven by the emergence of the industrial internet. Participation in the Industrial Internet Consortium SIGs allows members to:

  • Set the vision for the industry
  • Access experts at the implementation and testbed levels of IIoT adoption
  • Gain knowledge and frame strategic solutions by sharing similar challenges with peers
  • Leverage Industrial Internet Consortium resources to explore innovative solutions to emerging problems.

Structure & Policy

The establishment of Industrial Internet Consortium SIGs is based upon the objective of collaboration with essential experts in the related technology field, which allows the SIG to open its doors to individuals who are not Industrial Internet Consortium members. Members of each SIG will exercise strict adherence to anti-trust policies and pragmatic IP policies. All Industrial Internet Consortium SIGs will foster progress by meeting periodically via conference calls and regularly for half-day workshops in targeted locations around the world, to ensure a global perspective within the group.

Group Of Peers

Experts invited to join each SIG include:

  • Heads of Solution Development
  • Suppliers to the related industry
  • Heads of Technology Implementation Services of System Integrators
  • Industry-specific Technology Solution Providers
  • Industrial Internet Security Experts
  • Researchers and Academics Focused on Innovation within related industry

Potential Outcomes Of SIG's

The potential to produce tangible outcomes through Industrial Internet Consortium SIGs is great. We have initial ideas we plan to refine and we welcome new ideas as SIG members offer their opinions and expertise. Some of our initial ideas, also reflected in our goals, include:

  • Jointly shape the future of IIoT solutions
  • Define customer-validated requirements
  • Define, propose and drive related Testbeds and Test Drives
  • Influence the enhancement of, and propose new industry standards
  • Host technology challenges
  • Publish industry best practices

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