Graphic Styles for Logos

Use of Industrial Internet Consortium Trademarks

All use of Industrial Internet Consortium trademarks is subject to the terms of the "Industrial Internet Consortium Trademark Usage Guidelines".

How to Receive Permission to Use Industrial Internet Consortium Trademarks and Receive Artwork for Industrial Internet Consortium Logos

Click here to go to the "Request to Use Industrial Internet Consortium Trademark" Page.

Using the Industrial Internet Consortium logos on Clothing

Please contact the Industrial Internet Consortium for special approval when using the Industrial Internet Consortium logo on clothing or marketing incentives. A simplified logo graphic format may be approved in certain cases.

Colors for the Web

When using colors on the World Wide Web, they must be described by their hexadecimal values. This is the way that HTML identifies color. There are obvious color shifts from browser to browser, platform to platform, monitor to monitor. For a close approximation of Industrial Internet Consortium's corporate colors, please refer to the Industrial Internet Consortium web site or refer to a PMS Hexadecimal Conversion Chart.

Logo Misuse

Use Industrial Internet Consortium-provided, electronic files or hard-copy, reproduction-quality art only; the logos may not be re-designed. The logos should not be compromised or misused in any way. Do not change the relationship, size, perspective, shape or configuration in any way. Examples of misused logos include reworked proportions, repositioning of logo elements, combining logo with additional elements, switching logo colors, adding a separate color background to any of the elements, or stretching logo horizontally or vertically. If there is any question concerning the exact logo usage, please contact the Industrial Internet Consortium marketing department at +1-781-444 0404 or [email protected].

The Industrial Internet Consortium Logo


This logo consists of the graphic and the logotype. The combination of these elements is referred to here as "the corporate logo." The logotype reads, "INDUSTRIAL INTERNET CONSORTIUM."

The Industrial Internet Consortium Logo Colors

To maintain a consistent look in the Industrial Internet Consortium identity system, the official corporate colors must be used. The Industrial Internet Consortium graphic and logotype must always be reproduced in one color. used PMS red #485 C, PMS grey 6 C, black. If a vendor does not use PMS colors, they should match the PMS colors as closely as possible. The logo can be reversed out of any color, as long as the background color is solid and uniform. The logo can be printed over any background color as long as the background color is light enough for the black overprint.

The Industrial Internet Consortium graphic may be used separately from the logotype, but the logotype must never be used separately from the graphic. When using the two elements together, always use the entire signature to size the logo for artwork. Never cut apart the elements of a signature, reposition, re-size or re-proportion them, or substitute other graphic elements within the signature.

Due to the size of the logotype beneath the graphic, the two should never be used together in a size that measures less than .75 inches in total width. If the signature must go below the .75 width measure, use the symbol alone without the logotype.

The Industrial Internet Consortium Logo Typography

The logotype (Industrial Internet Consortium) typeface is Century Gothic, first line lower case and second line all caps. Fonts can be found at the Adobe Web Site at: