The INDUSTRIAL INTERNET of things connectivity framework


We are pleased to announce the publication of the Industrial Internet of Things Connectivity Framework. The IIoT Connectivity Framework (IICF):

  • Maps the rich landscape of IIoT connectivity
  • Clarifies the IIoT connectivity stack
  • Offers an assessment template for evaluating and categorizing any connectivity technology and determining its suitability for the system at hand
  • Defines a connectivity reference architecture for data sharing and criteria for core connectivity standards
  • Provides a catalog of IIoT connectivity standards and applies the criteria to help identify the potential core connectivity standards and usage examples for non-overlapping system aspects

The overarching goal of the IICF is to help practitioners unlock data in isolated systems, enable data sharing and interoperability between previously closed components and subsystems (brownfield) and to accelerate the development of new applications (greenfield) within and across industries.

The IICF defines a reference architecture for opening up data otherwise locked in a plethora of domain-specific connectivity technologies used in IIoT systems, by using gateways to one of a few core connectivity standards that can provide syntactic interoperability without compromising the fidelity of the functional and non-functional aspects of the domain-specific technology.

The IICF is a product of the Industrial Internet Consortium Connectivity Task Group, co-chaired by Dr. Rajive Joshi (Real-Time Innovations) and Paul Didier (Cisco). In addition to authors Dr. Joshi and Mr. Didier, a substantial portion of material content was authored by Jaime Jimenez (Ericsson) and Timothy Carey (Nokia). In addition, the following members have contributed valuable ideas and feedback that significantly improved the content and quality of the IICF:

  • Bob Gessel, Ericsson
  • Tony Hodgson, Synapse Wireless
  • Matthew Gilmore, Itron
  • Edward Eckert, Itron
  • Aron Semle, Kepware
  • Jeff Lund, Belden
  • Cliff Faurer, Enterprise Web
  • Christoph Gericke, Harting
  • Norman Finn, Cisco
  • Kevin White, Distrix
  • Mark Crawford, SAP SE
  • Shi-Wan Lin, Thingswise
  • Aravind Parandhaman, NEC

  • Stefan Schönegger, BR Automation
  • Tom Rutt, Fujitsu
  • Jiyhe Lee, Samsung
  • Farooq Bari, AT&T
  • Gerardo Pardo-Castellote, Real-Time Innovations (RTI)
  • Stan Schneider, Real-Time Innovations (RTI)
  • Reinier Torenbeek, Real-Time Innovations (RTI)
  • Brett Murphy, Real-Time Innovations (RTI)
  • Jeff Harding, ABB
  • Eric Harper, ABB
  • Brad Miller, GE Global Research
  • Marcellus Buchheit, Wibu-Systems


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