Industrial Internet Consortium & OpenFog FAQ

The Industrial Internet Consortium and OpenFog Consortium have agreed in principle to bring the OpenFog members into the IIC organization so that the Industrial Internet Consortium can continue the progress OpenFog has made toward accelerating the adoption of fog computing. The members of the two international consortia will work together to accelerate the development and adoption of technologies, including fog and edge computing. The organizations expect the details to be finalized in early 2019.


  Industrial Internet Consortium OpenFog Consortium
Mission To deliver a trustworthy IIoT in which the world’s systems and devices are securely connected and controlled to deliver transformational outcomes. To drive industry and academic leadership in fog computing architecture, testbed development, and interoperability and composability deliverables that seamlessly bridge the cloud-to-things continuum.
Vision Be the world’s leading organization transforming business and society by accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). OpenFog believes that fog architectures will provide the infrastructure that drives the next-generation of applications in IoT, 5G and AI. Our vision for the consortium is to accelerate the deployment of fog in these markets by ensuring interoperable solutions are available.


The OpenFog members will become members of the Industrial Internet Consortium and the assets and obligations of OpenFog will be transferred to the Industrial Internet Consortium.
As both consortia overlap in their mission and working style, the combination of talent and resources will benefit the industry and the members of both consortia. This will bring together cloud, edge and fog computing for IIoT in one place.
The two organizations are expected to be fulling integrated twelve months after the finalized agreement.
The Industrial Internet Consortium’s Steering Committee and Technology Working Group will work to merge the technical groups of the OpenFog into the Industrial Internet Consortium groups during the nine months following the date of the merger. The Industrial Internet Consortium will also create a Fog Coordinating Council within the Industrial Internet Consortium to coordinate fog activities across Industrial Internet Consortium working groups.
The Industrial Internet Consortium will work to incorporate OpenFog testbeds into the Industrial Internet Consortium testbed process during the nine months following the finalized agreement.
Industrial Internet Consortium work product priorities are always determined by its members. OpenFog members will be eligible to join Industrial Internet Consortium groups and will help determine the roadmap and priorities within each group.
Edge Computing Fog Computing
Distributed computing that is performed near the edge, where the nearness is determined by the system requirements. The Edge is the boundary between the pertinent digital and physical entities, delineated by IoT devices.
  • As defined by IIC Vocabulary
A system-level horizontal architecture that distributes resources and services of computing, storage, control and networking anywhere along the continuum from Cloud to Things.
  • As defined by OpenFog